EDICULA is an innovative approach that fuses the interdisciplinary collaboration among the sectors of applied sciences in the protection of monuments with humanities disciplines using XR technologies, to develop an educational framework to advance scientific transdisciplinary synthesis. The innovation of the EDICULA project is that it emphasizes that this transdisciplinary collaboration can be instrumentalized through education, with the various universal educational tools and the experience from the emblematic Holy Sepulchre rehabilitation acting as common base.

EDICULA “Educational Digital Innovative CUltural heritage related Learning Alliance” is a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education in Erasmus+. Strategic Partnerships aim to support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices at organizational, local, regional, national or European levels. Institutions of Higher Education work with others (other sector fields, enterprises, social partners etc.) to help to improve higher education across Europe and to deliver high quality education which is relevant to national and European labor market needs.

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